Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rely On Paid Search Anymore

by Shakib Hasan Omi
Five Reasons Why You Shouldnt Rely On Paid Search Anymore

Is Paid Search necessary to have a successful marketing campaign?

Many marketers would agree, while others won’t.

It depends.

As an online agency that offers both Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization services, we’re used to clarifying the difference between the two to existing and potential clients. It’s pretty easy to remember once you understand it- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is organic searching, and it takes time, while Search Engine Marketing’s (SEM) paid ads yields quick results.

In certain cases, especially for optimum results, hiring a paid search marketing agency like Heroic Marketer may be the only way to achieve the goals. When things are time-sensitive, you don’t have to wait for content to evolve organically. It would be best if you do something fast that produces results.

Most times, it’s the wrong way. The cost of paid search advertising can often be very high, which can slow down your goals. There is also the hassle of hiring a qualified and expensive paid search management team.

Before opting to use paid search in your campaign, consider these five reasons why you shouldn’t rely on them.

1. Targeting A Specific Audience

Using paid search, you can target a particular audience. This can be done with a paid search consultant and is particularly useful for niched brands or recognize the ins and outs of their client’s buyer persona.

With Paid search, you can also re-target individuals who have previously visited your platform. This helps you to re-engage them, converting a window shopper into your customer.

Google allows you to target your audiences based on who they are, their preferences, or whether they’ve previously engaged with your company. This skill gives the advertising more detail, resulting in more meaningful campaigns.

2. If You Own An Ecommerce Store

If you have an eCommerce shop, hiring a “paid search marketing agency” can effectively attract customers. Ads are highly successful when shopping for a particular product.

Fine tuning paid search ads is important for conversions. For example, if somebody is searching for “red high-heeled shoes,” they can first see your product image. As long as you bid on that keyword, the ad could bring visitors to your site, and more. 

3. Difficult To Compete Against Large Companies

Since Google paid search is a bit expensive, most small businesses and startups find it very difficult to compete with larger companies. Since larger businesses have stable cash flow, they can afford to give up well over $300,000 a month on a paid search campaign.

They’ve got the money and time to do that. This means that all their related keywords have been taken up, which in turn increases the price.

A good example would be where big corporations like Estee Lauder and L’oreal have already locked in words like “moisturizer,” meaning that these companies will have to pay $5 or $7 per click on that word. That’s just too expensive to spend when competing with a bigger business even if you know how paid search works.

4. Declining of Advertisers

One possibility is that the economy forced many advertisers to abandon paid search strategy. Judging by the number of bankruptcies and advertising budget cuts this year, this is a compelling theory.

Yet almost every survey shows that the economy has moved more dollars online. And those online dollars were going to search – a channel that gives marketers even more power and, more importantly, a strong return on investment through analysis.

Search has become a near necessity these days, and as Google’s Ads being a standard part of many marketing strategies. Yet Google’s Tax has gone up.

Google’s tax? Anyone advertising for over three years will recall CPCs of 10 cents. CPC inflation was and remains a big concern. We were all like frogs in a pond.

Budget cuts forced businesses to audit projects, and what they found may have shocked them.

5. Having A Limited Budget

Paid search ads cost money and the costs may grow year after year. As more people look for a particular word, the buying cost rises. And sadly, conversions stayed the same, meaning you pay more per lead.

You’re also caught in a bidding war with some other organization. In this case, either “win” or end up having to pay more for a keyword, or “losing” and not fighting for it.

Additionally, a user can still click on your ads by mistake or not convert. Any accidental click is lost, and there’s no way to restore it.

Final Thoughts

There are many things to love about paid search marketing, including the quality of the leads you receive. Besides making your brand known to serious customers, it’s also a good idea to present your advertisements at the right spot and at the same time just when someone is looking for options.

However, paid search optimization is not limited, particularly in terms of price and audience appeal. Fully understanding the disadvantages will help you realize what SEM can and cannot do, which is essential to making the correct business decisions.

You can make a detailed evaluation of what kind of ad search campaigns will help your business objectives with all things considered. Not all promotions are built on an equal basis, and it is up to you to tailor one that drives meaningful growth for your company.

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