How Marketing Automation Can Help Grow Your Business

by Shakib Hasan Omi
How Marketing Automation Can Help Grow Your Business

Marketers are required to succeed with fewer resources. As a result, advertisers are now shifting towards marketing automation to satisfy their stringent requirements. 

Research by Social Media Today shows that nearly 75% of marketers nowadays rely on at least one automated marketing method for their marketing tasks. The Internet marketing automation industry is estimated to reach $25 billion by 2023.

With marketing automation tools, marketing becomes simpler than ever before. That’s why we’ll explore more deeply what marketing automation is and how you can use it to scale your business.

What Is Marketing Automation?

When companies grow, their marketing activities also become difficult to handle. Instead of bringing more people to keep their marketing campaigns up and running, businesses turn to automated marketing strategies that perform different tasks. 

Therefore, marketing automation systems can be very useful. Marketing automation, commonly understood, refers to using automated tools for marketing activities. Many of these activities are mundane, such as emailing prospects or running paid social media campaigns.

Therefore, marketers turn to marketing automation companies in great numbers – as they can use marketing funnel automation to automate their sales funnels without overloading their resources. Any business, regardless of size and budget, can use automation to streamline its marketing outreach and help the company grow.

Let’s look at some of the various facets of automation marketing in the Digital Marketing industry that can be streamlined for its maximum benefits.

Leveling The Playing Field

One of the most important reasons for embracing the benefits of marketing automation is that it significantly increases the playing field and enables the company to compete with larger rivals. If your team creates a “content plan” and participates in a “rigorous process,” you could use a marketing automation service to generate additional leads, and it will continue to bring you leads, allowing your company to continue expanding.

Best of all, the time and preparation you spend in automated sales and marketing tools pay itself off by automating a few of your team’s activities, enabling you to focus on doing much more.

It’s the Key to Becoming More Adaptable

Digital marketing automation can make a business more flexible and adaptable at almost every level. For example, it helps you customize your emails towards specific customer needs through targeted lists, and record in-depth email metrics to measure email effectiveness. It also lets you monitor customer behavior about emails and send them content and communication related to what they were looking for, which improves customer interaction and conversion. 

Since marketing automation allows you to configure your lead nurturing to particular hours, you can get the best of both worlds by sending appropriate emails to consumers frequently enough to keep brand recognition, but not so frequently that they get irritated. This can be done through automated email marketing.

Adaptability also requires opportunities and consumers to visit the site. Keep track of what they click on and then put them on targeted email lists offering them specific solutions and essential information based on what website pages they checked out.

Alternatively, you can use email marketing automation to send emails about particular items they appeared to have shown interest in. You can also use marketing automation to create interactive content for website users, deliver content relevant to their previous visits, or based on the terms they used to find you.

Automating Your Social Media Channels

If your company is present on various social media sites, use an automated social media marketing software to automate posts. Most management tools offer powerful features to boost your social media strategy’s performance. For example, you can schedule when to post your content, which prevents you from constantly logging in, writing content, and posting.

All it takes is an hour or two each week where you can plan all the posts for the upcoming week.

That’s critical for small businesses with so much on their plates. By automating social media messages, you prevent social negligence. A sporadically updated social media profile won’t inspire your prospects and customers. And it won’t help you build faith in your brand.

There are several comprehensive marketing automation platforms to automate your social media messages. HootSuite being a go-to marketing automation software is one of the most common apps, allowing you to manage your profiles on all major social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook.

Bear in mind that these tools come with a free trial, so try them out and find out which one would better suit your business before making a decision.

Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing is another marketing method that can be automated with great success. This form of marketing automation technology relies on tiny pieces of code also known as tracking pixels embedded in a company’s website. When anyone visits the site, the pixel monitors you through an ad network.

That’s why you see companies advertising on various websites and channels. For instance, you visit website A, but as you scroll through website B, advertisements for website A promotions are displayed on website B.

Automating your remarketing activities would help you engage customers who have already viewed your website and know your service or product. These types of leads are called pre-qualified because they’ve been exposed to some of your material.

You could use both Facebook and Google Advertising to completely expand your brand’s reach as they allow you to track people anonymously around the World Wide Web. Their scope is so broad that almost any website can find their tracking pixels.

Using Google Tag Manager to install and handle tracking pixels on your website. Remarketing is successful because, at best, it shows advertisements to the right people.

If anyone visited your website but did not do an action like signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase, remarketing would show them the advertisements of your brand. This function is easy to automate and is very time-consuming.

Final Thoughts

According to a recent survey, approximately 50 percent of businesses investing in automated marketing platforms make a return on that investment within the first 2-6 months, and 76 percent encounter the ROI within the first 7-12 months. At the same time, however, you can decide to invest in marketing automation software only after carefully weighing its benefits for your business, preferably after consulting with an industry expert who can direct you to the right solution for your business. 

To learn more about how marketing automation can help your business drive sales, increase profitability, and grow, get a free consultation from one of our marketing automation specialists at Heroic Marketer today!

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