How To Increase Organic Search Traffic And Get More Visitors To Your Website

by Heroicmarketer
How To Increase Organic Search Traffic And Get More Visitors To Your Website

Website traffic informs how many people visit your site. Analytics tools often show you the number of page views and targeted page views. Pageviews refer to the cumulative time anyone has come to your site, whereas targeted pageviews indicate to you how many people have visited your site. Some may have visited frequently, and some rarely.

You must understand that organic traffic describes website visits from search engine results and it does include traffic from paid ads. When users look up in various search engines (such as Google or Bing), they are displayed with an array of results that comprises both the page’s position at the top of search results organically and a collection of ads (usually includes the word “Ad”) to distinguish the paid ads from the organic search. 

Now that you have a basic understanding of what is organic traffic, it’s time for you to know how to increase organic traffic. We will inform you about the many ways you can increase organic traffic. Without further ado, let’s dive deep into the discussion!

1. Get steady organic website traffic

Firstly, you need to know how to get a steady organic website traffic. To do that, analyze your buyer behavior so that you have a better understanding of whom you are targeting with your content. By coming up with rich educational content that informs your ideal buyers, you can organically improve your organic website traffic and organic SEO.

This means knocking your buyer behavior and the SEO keywords they use to look up in search engines. Optimizing for search engine queries alone is futile. The only thing you will come across is keyword-jammed rubbish! 

Doing this, you will also know how much direct traffic is organic. Google Analytics will help you track what percentage of traffic is from google ads and organic SEO. To ease your life, you can come into contact with a professional digital marketing agency such as Heroic Marketer that will help you get better SEO organic traffic to your business website.

Try to please your web traffic, and the search engines will be more than delighted to open up their gateway to mass traffic.

2. Post regularly

To improve organic search traffic, you must be aware of posting your content regularly to your website. Blogging is undoubtedly the most fruitful way to improve organic search traffic. It enables you to go more in-depth and builds a large list of useful, buyer behavior optimized content focusing on your market segment as well as your market niche. Therefore, you now know improving your organic traffic is easier when you blog regularly. However, don’t post valuable content which is useless. It can be more harmful than you think. Hence, avoid such content no matter what.

3. Commenting in blogs can improve your organic traffic

The blogosphere is a unique world. You might think how commenting in blogs improved your organic traffic later on once you have implemented this organic traffic strategy. Comment in other people’s blogs, specifically those that match your niche. They will read, comment and backlink to your blog post if you have juicy content. 

One good platform to start things off is Quora. You can answer questions and inform people to help resolve their issues Include factual and valuable insights for the specific question and demonstrate your expertise. Time to time include trending keywords in your answers. This way you can increase traffic with organic SEO optimization.

4. Include long-tail keywords

Million dollar question, does all organic traffic belong to seo? No, there are many other ways of getting organic traffic other than seo. It can come from social media, different forum postings etc. Sources are different but you can optimize the sources for the search engine. 

Now you might think how to use social media to improve your organic search traffic. One thing you can do is incorporate usage of keywords in your social media posts. This will auto seo your social media posts. Notably, you can include long-tail keywords in your forum postings or your social media content. try using long-tail keywords that are tailored to your offered product or service. 

5. Generate Optimized Meta Description

An optimized meta description, slug URL and title are the three components to increase blog organic traffic. It’s effective and can get you proven results. To be precise, all on-page SEO elements are essential to increase blog organic traffic. However, an optimized meta description indicates you are telling Google the gist of your content.

Professional Digital Marketing agencies like Heroic Marketer use a wide range of tools. For example, Yoast SEO plugin for optimizing WordPress, HubSpot’s SEO tools and Ahrefs to aid you optimize your web pages. Nonetheless, it’s never enough to just ‘install a plugin’ and work your way around. You must let expert hands handle every aspect of your website. If you are unsure about building your web presence, you must get expertised hands to resolve your issues at ease. You can always think of hiring a cheap freelancer from renowned freelance places like Upwork and Fiverr, but remember a professional agency is thousand times more reliable, experienced and efficient in handling client work than an individual who might have bought paid reviews just to get hired. 

6. Insert Internal Links

When you have sufficient valuable content in your site, you can insert internal links in one particular blog post by backlinking to other blog posts present on your website. This will help guide web visitors to more related content. Inserting internal links is a part of increasing traffic with organic SEO optimization. Reduce your website bounce rate and make your web visitors spend long hours, which will push your search ranking to the top. It’s referred to as ‘Topic Clustering’ by professional platforms like Hubspot. Keep in mind, don’t stuff too many irrelevant internal links unnecessarily or else it can take the form of spam. 

Final Thoughts

The aforementioned thoughts will surely increase organic search traffic of your website. It costs thousands of dollars to build an exquisite online business but it can take seconds to lose what you invested. Be wary enough not to mislead yourself into deep-water and implement the recommendations to improve organic traffic and grow your online business.

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